Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Keyes NextGen Q3 number are here, and they're looking good!

Q3 KNG update! The numbers are looking good, keep it up! 

This past quarter we've beat last year's numbers by 15% even with a hurricane in the middle of it. Jason Pappas provides his thoughts on this achievement:

"We are excited to once again see the growth of our Keyes Next Gen associates! Not even a hurricane could stop this group from beating last year’s quarter by over 15% not to mention already surpassing 2016’s total yearly volume.  Our next gen is our future and the Keyes Company believes that helping these under 40 associates succeed is not only necessary for our company, but also our community."
          - Jason Pappas

We are proud and appreciative of everyone's hard work this quarter to make this happen. Quality work lies within the people that make a company, and a company is only a strong as its employees. We are happy to have everyone that works for Keyes part of our family!

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